Friday, August 2, 2013

I am the Diva Challenge #129

This week the challenge from the Diva was to use String #004 which is posted on This was the first time that I used any of the strings that are posted on TanglePatterns, but it won't be the last since it was so much fun.The challenge also made me realize that I stress out a bit about drawing the string, which seems a bit silly because it is a simple step in the process. Does anyone else do this?

Thanks to Laura Harms,the Diva, and Linda Farmer(TanglePatterns).
Also thanks to: 
L. Williams for Phansy
A. Broady for Paushalov
J. LaBarbera for Verve
Zentagle, Inc. for Bales, Huggins, and Flux


  1. You have chosen great tangles to go toghether and they make a beautiful tile.

  2. Very beautiful tile with great choice of tangles!