Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Diva Challenge #130 : Henna Drum

This week the challenge was to use Jane MacKugler's pattern "Henna Drum."This made me think of the sections in Sandy Bartholomew's books where she presents patterns that are inspired by Indian culture. I used her Jacki, Laydee, and Paisley Pattern.  I also used the Zentangle patterns Betweed, Purk, and Mooka. For this challenge, I tried my hand at some Zentangle Inspired Art instead of a traditional tile.

Friday, August 2, 2013

I am the Diva Challenge #129

This week the challenge from the Diva was to use String #004 which is posted on This was the first time that I used any of the strings that are posted on TanglePatterns, but it won't be the last since it was so much fun.The challenge also made me realize that I stress out a bit about drawing the string, which seems a bit silly because it is a simple step in the process. Does anyone else do this?

Thanks to Laura Harms,the Diva, and Linda Farmer(TanglePatterns).
Also thanks to: 
L. Williams for Phansy
A. Broady for Paushalov
J. LaBarbera for Verve
Zentagle, Inc. for Bales, Huggins, and Flux